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1 out of 5
A one out of five is a game that no one should touch. Games that fall into the one out of five rating often will have broken controls, poor game design, and will make you feel just downright terrible after playing.

2 out of 5
Games meriting a two out of five are not complete garbage, but there are some largely notable design flaws that will leave a bad taste with most gamers. While two out of five is not the worst score, it is still a disappointment and can be easily seen as a rental.

3 out of 5
A three out of five is just your average game. These tend not to be exceptional but are also not bad either. A three is not an incredible take on a genre but it succeeds in providing some good moments. Don’t look for threes to be revolutionary, these things come by the barrels.

4 out of 5
A game that excels on all fronts but is held back by one or two notable flaws is a game made ready for a four out of five. Fours will often bring with them new ideas and outstanding features to their genre. These are the games that accomplish most of what they set out to do, having one or two shortcomings that hinder the game enough to keep it at a four out of five.

5 out of 5
Only the best games will ever achieve this coveted score. Five out of five games are the ones that define their genre, bringing new ideas to the table and capitalizing on others. Games with a five under there belt are the ones that can be enjoyed by both gamers and non-gamers alike.

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